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  :: Scientific Achievement ::

The Study of the Couching and Neing Method for Cataract

The Clinical and Laboratory Studies on Integration of TCM and Western Medicine for the Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction

The Clinical and Laboratory Studies on Treatment of Psoriasis by Antipsoriasis Pill

The Clinical Study on Childern Optic Athophy by Using the Eyesight Improving Xiao Yao Decoction

The Herbal Granules to Support the Health Energy Combined with Chemotherapy to Treat Late Stage of Gastric Cancer(postoperative)

Sugar-reducing Tablet No. I for Adult Diabetes Mellitus with Clinical Observation

The Clinical Study of TCM in treating Everted Fracture of Epicondyle

Relieve Stasis Urolithiasis Decoction for Treatment of Urinary Stones



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