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The responsibilities of Guang¨anmen International

    1 To provide a communication platform for international scientific cooperation and academic exchange.
    2 To design and organize various Traditional Chinese Medicine training courses for international students (including acupuncture, Chinese massage, herbal medicine, etc.)
    3 To arrange foreigners¨ visit, from layman, medical professionals, to governmental officials.
4 To organize consultation of alternative medicine /second opinion for international VIPs.

    What we want to do in the future

  Establishing a sister-ship relationship with our foreign counterparts.
  Designing special training courses on Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  Initiating cooperative research programs on integrative medicine for specific diseases.
  Exchanging teaching and administrative staff
  Customizing overseas elective for medical students
    Contact us: futuretcm@yahoo.com cuitcm@hotmail.com
    Fax: 88001262, Tel: 88001235

Guang¨anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences    ICP:06004389
Add: No.5 BeiXianGe St. XiCheng District BeiJing China   Zip Code:100053