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2023 the 10th Beijing International Annual Webinar of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Nursing Care

2023 the 10th Beijing International Annual Webinar of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Nursing Care


Theme:Unleash the healing power of mind-body care in nursing

   Sponsors: Guang'anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences  

                  Beijing TCM International Exchange and Cooperation Center

All TCM and Western medicine nursing experts, nurses, family caregivers, nursing students, those who help patients physically and mentally, and TCM advocators are welcome to attend the conference.

This is a unique forum that brings together frontline nurses of TCM, nursing teachers, student nurses, other primary health care providers and traditional medicine advocators.

The first-of-its-kind conference and webinar focusing on TCM and nursing care enable one-of-a-kind complementary medicine experience.

Go beyond your textbooks and be inspired to learn from TCM nursing practices as being demonstrated daily in the capital city of China.

As the COVID-19 crisis has challenged healthcare services globally, it is worth assessing and discussing how TCM's mind-body approach can benefit patients with or without COVID and nurses themselves.

TCM nursing, from survival to revival, should advance its theories and practices, embrace the concept of mind, body and spirit. Stick only to a handful of TCM nursing procedures to which safety is still a big concern, will lead TCM nursing nowhere. 10 years ago, we embarked on our journey spreading TCM nursing care, now we are incredibly proud to see how far we have come: nurses from 20 countries participated in the annual seminar, the only TCM nursing-themed event in the world.

Come and experience the truly amazing nine-year journey with Prof. Cui Yongqiang, chairman of the annual event exploring old but gold, culturally appropriate, scientifically sound and technically safe TCM nursing as a viable option and one more choice for patients and caregivers.

To share your views and research advancements

Please do not hesitate to email us for registration.

Find more about Beijing Guang'anmen Hospital(GAMH), the nation's very best research hospital of TCM and what exactly sets it apart.

Rated among the nation’s very best hospitals of TCM and model hospitals since 1994, GAMH, the official TCM hospital for both the 2008 summer Olympic Games and 2022 winter Olympic Games, and the only traditional medicine hospital in the world that has been recognized by two multinational medical insurance giants, is a general hospital of integrative medicine with 1,000 inpatient beds and over 10,000 daily outpatient visits. A variety of TCM treatment methods have been fully integrated with modern medicine in each of its 28 clinical departments for over 65 years. Now, GAMH’s annual turnover and research funds have ranked top among all TCM hospitals in Beijing. GAMH has also become a pioneer in international collaborative research in integrative medicine and it has published the greatest number of research papers in SCI journals among TCM hospitals in China. 

Beijing GAMH has been highly recognized as a leader in TCM for patient care, education and research. Today, it is known for its continuous contribution to the whole medical system in China and has built a reputation for excellence in integrative medicine unsurpassed by any health care institution in the world.
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