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First Aid in Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital -- Guang’anmen Speed Guang’anmen Spirit

First Aid in Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital -- Guang’anmen Speed Guang’anmen Spirit

09:22:02 A patient falling down on the 4th floor of outpatient building

09:22:05 Noticed by the guard through video monitoring

09:22:12 Guard in place

09:22:17 Nurse in place

09:22:28 Doctor in place

09:22:45 Rescue carriage in place


Time and cooperation, the most important factors in saving lives!

From noticing the patient falling down to the staffs and equipment all in place, Guang’anmen speed and Guang’anmen spirit fully interpreted in these 43 seconds!

On Oct. 13th, 2020, a man suddenly fell down on the 4th floor of the outpatient building in Guang’anmen Hospital. The guard of video monitoring first noticed the condition and initiated the emergency response procedures. Ms. Sun Guohong in the triage desk of the 4th floor also noticed the patient and acted fast to deal with the condition. She asked her colleagues to inform the emergency department and the doctors in the clinic.

from clipboard

A preliminary evaluation showed that the patient was unconsciousness with normal pulse and the blood pressure at 120/70 mmHg. Some acupoints, such as Renzhong (GV26), Hegu (LI4) and Neiguan (PC6) were applied to awaken the brain and open the orifices for the patient. The nurse quickly put on oxygen inhalation for the patient and prepared to open the venous access. Dr. Qi Wensheng, Director of Emergency Department in Guang’anmen Hospital, led his team with the rescue carriage and rushed to take the patient to the emergency room for emergency treatment. Through 43 seconds of quick response, first aid and integrative medicine treatment, the patient with epilepsy history finally recovered and was discharged home.

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Ms. Sun Guohong, an experienced nurse in outpatient triage desk, said that, “In the outpatient, it’s quite often for such conditions. We are proficient in the routine operation process, and many actions have become our professional instinct. This is the responsibility of our medical staff.”

Guang’anmen Speed! Guang’anmen Spirit! In times of crisis, the benevolence of medical staff is demonstrated. Guang’anmen Hospital will continue to move forward on the road of protecting the health and safety of the people.

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