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Entering its ninth year, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing is creating a new international brand

On May 31, 2021, supported by the Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and co-sponsored by the Beijing International Exchange and Technical Cooperation Center of T CM and Guang'anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, The 8th Beijing International Training Webinar of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing Care was held in Beijing. Focusing on the internationalization of TCM nursing, with " Keep calm, Nurse on, Mind-body care of TCM", more than 100 domestic and overseas nursing experts from Spain, Israel, Sudan, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, as well as residents of the international community, Beijing, were invited to participate in the webinar. They discussed the post-epidemic nursing, TCM nursing, and integrated TCM and Western medicine nursing and integrative nursing. The webinar aimed to promote the internationalization of TCM nursing in the new era with new thinking and new ideas. It exchanged information on the latest advances in nursing research, providing patients with more choices. It has achieved the goals of sharing of nursing experiences, introducing new technologies, promoting international nursing research cooperation, scientifically explaining the principles of TCM and facilitating the integration and development of TCM and Western medicine nursing.

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Tu Zhitao, Director of Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Lyu Wenliang, Vice president of Guang’anmen Hospital

Dr. Yair Maimon, President of the ETCMA; WHO, ICD-11-Peer Reviewer

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Nurse representatives of Beijing hospitals and international community representatives

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The Nursing Department of the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, Beijing TCM Hospitals and Integrated TCM and Western Medicine Hospitals at all levels, Hebei Provincial TCM Hospital, etc. participated in the webinar.

Beijing TCM Nursing Internationalization Promotion Symposium has been held eight times since 2013. It has brought together more than 900 first-line nursing colleagues in the fields of nursing management, nursing research and nursing clinic at home and abroad. Among them, nearly 200 international participants came from more than ten countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Australia and Malaysia.
The eight promotion symposiums covered themes including "enriching nursing knowledge and encouraging nursing research", "focusing on the health of night shift nurses", "TCM nursing and physical and mental health", "encouraging scientific research and promoting cooperation", "cupping therapy and TCM nursing", " The combination of technology and culture promotes TCM nursing", and "TCM nursing relieves pain", etc. 
The webinar continues to explore the new era of nursing care with "cultural compatibility, scientific rationality, and technical safety" as the core, and strives to create a new brand for the internationalization of Beijing TCM nursing.

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