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Good news! Traditional Chinese Medicine Five-tone Therapy has be used to treat patients in September!

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)Five-tone Therapy is one of the first batch of new medical service projects announced by the Beijing Municipal Health Commission in 2021. It is provided by the Preventive Healthcare Department of Guang'anmen Hospital. 

As a unique music therapy, the TCM five-tone therapy is a method to treat diseases by using music with five different tones of Jue, Zhi, Gong, Shang and Yu according to the traditional five-tone theory of TCM. Five-tone therapy is one of the characteristic therapies of TCM. 

It has the advantages of non-invasive, easy to practice, safe and effective, and easy to accept by patients. It can be used to treat fatigue syndrome, migraine, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, constipation, autonomic dysfunction, premenstrual syndrome, functional palpitations, etc.
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