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Guang'anmen Hospital and New Haven Hospital of Yale University jointly held International Oncology Online Roundtable

At 8:00, September 23, 2021, Beijing time, our hospital and New Haven Hospital of Yale University jointly held the " Interconnectivity in Medicine"--- International Oncology Online Roundtable. Experts from both sides gathered online to discuss the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Western medicine. Wang Xiaopin, secretary of the party committee of the hospital, was the chairman of the meeting and delivered a speech. Hou Wei, director of Oncology Department, Lu Wenping and Zhang Ying, vice directors of Oncology Department and Dr. Mehra Golshan, vice director of Cancer Center and breast clinical director of New Haven Hospital, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Li Jie, Vice President of Guang'anmen Hospital.

Wang Xiaopin, Secretary of the Party Committee, pointed out in her speech that our hospital took the opportunity of establishing the National TCM (Oncology) Medical Center to organize high-level and international academic conferences in order to further promote high-quality TCM resources to the world and contribute "TCM wisdom" to the construction of human health community.

Dr. Mehra Golshan gave a wonderful lecture on the theme of "Clinical Trials and Innovation in Breast Cancer Therapy", expounding in detail advanced concepts such as the coordination of intraoperative imaging examinations for breast cancer and operating room design. Zhang Ying made a theme report on "Exploration of the Status and Role of TCM in Comprehensive Breast Cancer Treatment", which fully demonstrated the important role of TCM in the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer. Chinese and American experts conducted in-depth discussions on breast cancer clinical trials, innovative research, and the status and role of TCM in comprehensive breast treatment.

The conference promoted the international cooperation and exchanges between China and the United States in the prevention and treatment of cancer diseases, and built a bridge of friendship with a strong academic atmosphere for the medical workers of the two countries work together with TCM and western medicine to jointly tackle the important public health problem of malignant tumors.

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