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TCM LED Talk (Guang'anmen Hospital) Leading the Culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to European Union College Secondary School

President Xi Jinping in August replied to a letter from teachers and students of the "China Corner" at St. Margaret College Secondary School in Malta. He encourages that more Maltese teachers, students and other young people will actively participate in cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Malta, so as to promote mutual learning of civilizations and carry forward the friendship between the two peoples.

Responding to his call, the International Cooperation Office of Guang'anmen Hospital actively contacted Mr. Martin Azzopardi sdc, the founder of the "China Corner" and organized an online lecture on Today’s TCM on Illness and Wellness- a practical relaxation technique at 8 AM local time on Oct.25,2022.

Dr. Cui Yongqiang, director of the International Cooperation Office, explained how non-drug TCM therapies can help students to reduce psychological stress and anxiety and the scientific evidence behind it. He also used the world's only traditional medicine hotline he created to answer all the questions of TCM that the teacher and students of Malta's St. Margaret College Secondary School were interested in online. At the end of the lecture, all the students gave a standing ovation to express their heartfelt thanks.

Dr. Cui expressed that we should do small things with great love to promote people-to-people bond along the Belt and Road, especially to let foreign teenagers feel the trustworthy, loveable and respectable culture of TCM.

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