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Guang 'anmen Hospital Ranked No. 1 in the "National Hospital Internet Influence Traditional Chinese Medicine Department" for Three Consecutive Years
Recently, the Health Industry Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, together with Good Doctor Online, released the "2022 Ranking of Internet Influence of Chinese Hospitals". Guang'anmen Hospital has won the first place in the list of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) department for three consecutive years.
In order to meet patients' needs for TCM diagnosis and treatment, Guang'anmen Hospital opened internet consulting services in February 2020, was approved to be the first pilot TCM hospital in Beijing to carry out "Internet diagnosis and treatment" in March. And the internet medical insurance was officially launched in June, 2020.

The hospital has continuously improved its online consultation and online re-consultation functions, continued to optimize and add the "Internet +Medical" services, fully used information technology to optimize the service process, and worked hard to build "Internet +TCM characteristics +medical insurance" into an important engine for high-quality development of the hospital, making contributions to the construction of a healthy China.

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