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Guang'anmen Hospital and Chiba University Hospital, Japan Held a "International Medical Online Roundtable "
On May 24, Guang'anmen Hospital and Chiba University Hospital, Japan jointly held a "International Medical Online Roundtable ". Experts from both sides discussed the research progress of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM ) treatment of tumors, minimally invasive surgery for gastrointestinal tumors and clinical treatment of abdominal surgery with integrated TCM and Western medicine.
Wang Xiaopin, party secretary of Guang 'anmen Hospital, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Li Jie, vice president, Hou Wei, director of the oncology department, Li Jun, vice director of the surgery department, MATSUBARA Hisahiro, vice president of the Chiba University Hospital and HAYANO Koichi, associate professor of Esophageal- Gastro-Intestinal surgery department, attended the remote exchange. The meeting was hosted by Liu Xinyan, director of international medical department, Guang'anmen Hospital.
Secretary Wang Xiaopin pointed out in her speech that malignant tumor is a major public health problem endangering global human health. Modern medicine and TCM have developed through multidisciplinary research, and various new theories, new technologies and new treatments have emerged one after another. She hoped that experts from both sides would take this online exchange as an opportunity to discuss the development trend of cancer prevention and treatment, deepen for cooperation opportunities, complement each other's advantages, and jointly improve the level of cancer prevention and treatment.

Afterwards, vice president MATSUBARA Hisahiro, and associate professor HAYANO Koichi, introduced "Minimally Invasive Surgery for Esophageal Cancer" and "The Latest Clinical Application of Minimally Invasive Treatment of Upper Gastrointestinal Tumors in Japan" with examples; vice president Li Jie, vice director Li Jun respectively expounded the research results of "the TCM Superiority in the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Cancer and Evidence-based Research" and the research results of "Medicine Zhongzhong(a TCM book)-Abdominal Syndrome Surgery".

During the exchange and discussion, the experts conducted in-depth discussions on the clinical treatment of tumors in China and Japan, the theory of TCM tumor prevention and treatment and the latest surgical techniques.

Experts from Guang'anmen Hospital in this meeting once again exchanged views with international counterparts, following International Oncology Online Roundtable jointly held by Guang'anmen Hospital and New Haven Hospital of Yale University.
This meeting has built a friendly, open and professional frontier medical academic exchange platform for medical workers in China and Japan.

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