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Traditional Chinese Medicine Characteristics + MDT, Helping Stroke Patients to Recover
  Recently, the Multidisciplinary Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT) team of the Department of Acupuncture and Encephalopathy, Guang'anmen Hospital, successfully carried out the first multidisciplinary consultation for a young female patient with agnogenic stroke.
The team is composed of experts from acupuncture, encephalopathy, cardiovascular, rheumatology, radiology and ultrasonography. Through comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, they identified the etiology in a short period of time, improved the individualized comprehensive treatment and secondary prevention plan of integrative medicine, providing the patient with more efficient and high-quality medical services, which are highly recognized by the patient and her family.

 The successful completion of the multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of the stroke has further improved the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of complex and difficult stroke in Guang'anmen Hospital, created a high-level diagnosis and treatment model and platform, realized the integration of medical resources and provided patients with high-quality "one-stop" multidisciplinary medical services.

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