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Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach in Cancer Management for western medicine doctors in Malaysian governmental hospitals held in Guang’anmen Hospital

On Jul. 13th, Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach in Cancer Management Introductory Training Programme (Virtual) has been successfully launched in Guang’anmen Hospital(GAMH). The training program is supported by our National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional & Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Division, Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia.

Ms. Wang Xiaopin, Secretary of the Party Committee in GAMH, addressed the opening ceremony and pointed out that the exchange and cooperation between our hospital and Malaysian institutions have a long history. In 2008, our hospital trained two western medicine health officials for the Malay Ministry of Health who later worked in T/CM unit in Malaysian governmental hospitals, laying a foundation for the development of traditional and complementary medicine in Malaysia. With the joint efforts of our hospital and T&CM Division of MOH Malaysia, Ms. Wang hoped that through the training in the next three months, the Malaysian western medicine doctors, pharmacists and researchers will learn from the practical experience of TCM and integrative medicine in our hospital, bring good news and provide multiple choices for the Malaysian cancer patients, and promote the development of Malaysian T&CM and integrative medicine.

Dr. Goh Cheng Soon, Director of T&CM Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia, in her address stressed the importance for this introductory training program for Malaysian western medicine staffs, and hoped after the 3 months’ training, the participants could enhance understanding on the integration of TCM and modern medicine in the management of clinical oncology, learn how to integrate TCM with conventional cancer therapy (CCT) for better health outcomes, and have basic understanding on the usage of herbal therapy to reduce side effects and improve quality of life for cancer patients. 

Dr. Cui Yongqiang, Head of the International Cooperation Department of GAMH, gave an orientation to the introductory training program. Dr. Hou Wei, Director of the Oncology Department, introduced the medical practice, scientific research, education and international exchanges and cooperation. Dr. Zhou Bing of the International Cooperation Department brought the first lesson  "Health Care and TCM in China”, sharing Guang’anmen Hospital’s Practice on Integrated TCM and Western Medicine for Malaysian medics.

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