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The Brief Introduction of the International Medical Department in Guang’ anmen Hospital

International Medical Department (IMD) of the Guang’anmen Hospital (GAMH) was developing the external service, and provides high-quality and convenient medical services with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics for patients from all over the world. IMD mainly provides health care, outpatient service and inpatient care for International patients, clients with international medical insurance, and clients with domestic commercial health insurance. Meanwhile, it undertakes the carrying out of the pilot of commercial service which arranged by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Commerce and other 14 ministries. It is the development base of Chinese medicine overseas service in Beijing, the demonstration base of Chinese medicine service culture-oriented travel.

Guang’anmen Hospital (GAMH) has passed the medical quality certification of British multinational medical insurance company Bupa and the ISO9001 standard system certification, guarantying the medical service quality and the legitimate interests of patients. Our hospital has signed the direct billing service contract with 24 international health insurance or insurance brokers, and covered more than 50 kinds of international high-end medical or health insurance.

Bases on every characteristics and professional department of Guang’anmen hospital, with China's most prominent doctors in traditional Chinese medicine and expert team in combining western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, who are in the leading place in China for treating all diseases relating to medicine and surgery, including tumor, skin and beauty, anorectal disease, endocrine and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, pediatric diseases, arthritis, gynecological disease, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, stroke sequelae, critical care, and male urological diseases, etc.

International Medical Department (IMD) develops international remote consultations and transfers treatment services, and provides the Medical Second Opinion on traditional Chinese medicines for international patients. Our hospital has established international medical cooperation with more than ten healthcare and medical groups in Japan, The United States, and many other countries. Our hospital has been achieving the two-way referral and the cross border consultation.

International Medical Department develop medical tourism service such as sequential therapy for rhino pathy, sleeping tourism, cardiac rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation after tumor radiotherapy, and etc. At the core of Characteristic disease, we will screen treatment, clear medical scheme, make the significant curative effects to increase within the shortest time, comprehensive range of services and reasonable price. At the same time, we can also arrange tourist projects according to the needs of patients.

The international medical department is specialized in the research and application of anti-aging technology, giving play to the features of traditional Chinese medicine, and carrying out various classic and effective Chinese medicine treatment like traditional Chinese medicine decoction and formula granule, acupuncture, massage, stimulate the auricular and iontophoresis of traditional Chinese medicine, etc. At the same time, the international medical department is the designated department of the cream formula of Beijing traditional Chinese medicine bureau, carrying out individualized cream formula treatment, long-term observation. The cream formula has obvious effects on physical adjustment and strength building.

The international medical department provide Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean service, and adopts consultation system, integrated medical service of appointment system. We will give treatment priority for VIP to avoid long waiting. After the completion of the consultation, professional doctors will follow up on phone or internet, and guide therapy.

More detail: Please refer to “Steps to Medical service in Guang’anmen Hospital”

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