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Steps to Medical Service in Guang’anmen Hospital

Welcome to Guang’anmen Hospital. You can experience ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and treatment here, such as four ancient diagnostic methods, acupuncture, Tuina, cupping, herbs, diet, etc. As our doctors have knowledge to combine traditional oriental Medicine and Western Medicine, you can get second opinions and complementary diagnosis and treatment by TCM.

1. Medical visits to Guang’anmen Hospital

1.1 From your home

You can get in touch with us by telephone or e-mail, inform us your medical requirements. Our doctors will schedule your interview date and arrange experts according to the information you give us, and tell you what you need to prepare.

1.2 When you arrive in our hospital

1.2.1 For your first visit to our hospital, please show us your passport, and medical insurance cards (if you have). We will help you with registration. Doctors from international medical department will help to finish an initial out-patient clinic medical record.For your first visit to our hospital: The doctors of our international medical department will take care of the visit to work our a treatment plan according to your situation.


a. Plan for diagnosis and examination: initial diagnosis and comprehensive analysis from four TCM diagnostic methods. We will choose the proper examinations according to your condition. And through our international medical green channels, you will finish the examinations quickly and preferentially

b. TCM Specialist interview: Your initial clinician will arrange you to see TCM specialists preferentially according to your medical need.

c. Multidisciplinary consultation

d. Follow-up visits to doctors: for the patients who take herbs internal or external, you need to visit your doctor again in 1-2 weeks generally, or follow your doctor’s specific orders. For the patients who receive acupuncture, cupping, or massage, you should come to receive the treatments twice a week, or follow your doctor’s specific orders.

e. Service for your convenience: we also offer services such as: hotel reservation or other accommodation, airport pickup, translation service, passport extension.

1.2.2 Follow-up visit: please show us your medical card of our hospital

1.2.3 Referral service to specialist:  According to your results of examination, specialist will give the specific treatment plan for you, including: herbs for internal and external used, acupuncture, massage, cupping, TCM diet, Taiji exercise, and so on.

1.2.4 Multidisciplin consultation service: if needed, we will also arrange the multidiscipline expert consultation from the relevant field, for example: oncological rehabilitation consultation after operation or chemo-radiotherapy, includes nutrition, somnia, psychological, Qigong, Wushu and so on.

2. Medical experience to Guang’anmen Hospital

2.1 From your home

Email us to inform the item you feel interested and schedule a time for your visit. Please tell us whether you need a translator, which language and whether you need accommodation.

2.2 When you arrive in our hospital

Please show us your passport, and medical insurance cards (if you have). We will help you with registration. Doctors from international medical department will help to finish an initial out-patient clinic medical record.

2.3 fees:150-800RMB (According to the level of expert, does not include the expenses for medicine and examination)

from clipboard

Thank you for your interest in Guang’anmen Hospital.  Please provide responses to the following in a 1 page document.  Once completed, your responses will be reviewed by our international team.  Following our review, you will be contacted by a member of our staff approximately three weeks from the return date of the completed form.

Patient Profile

1. Describe your patient profile in terms of services of interest:

Specialty services

•Traditional Chinese Medicine




Executive Health

General Internal Medicine Screening  

Other specialties (describe)

2. Estimate of patients who are non-English speaking.

3. Estimate of patient referrals monthly

Business Elements

Business type:



•Online platform

•Medical Tourism

•Other –please specify

When was your organization established, and how many staff do you have?

Have you a designated point person for ongoing operational contact, status updates, etc.?

How many physicians are on your staff?  

If you currently are partnered with any US hospital organizations, please share a sample of existing marketing material portraying that relationship. *

*Please note:  Guanganmen Hospital  does not allow any use of the brand or logo by external entities without prior review and permission.