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TCM Helpline

-A commitment to the world that a trusted TCM service information is available

-An extension of the city’s Public Health Information Service is now at your fingertips!

We dedicate to linking up TCM with those in need from around the world!

No question or concern about using TCM is too big or too small

- it’s why we’re here!

It is the only government-funded free English-speaking helpline providing TCM information for the international community, tourists and people outside China.

Every weekday from 9AM – 4PM (Beijing time) our hotline specialists are listening to concerns, answering questions, and connecting callers to the resources, services, and programs of TCM they need.

We are committed to

-providing you with reliable TCM information

-protecting you from frauds, both local and global

Please NOTE: The helpline itself does not provide diagnosis or give specific treatment recommendations.

Effectiveness Matters, Safety Matters More

Our team is made up of doctors, registered nurses with deep knowledge of TCM as well as consultants, educators, nutritionists, health navigators, coaches and coordinators, and translators with extensive experience in health care and wellness.

We’re doing something different

from Guang An Men Hospital (GAMH) for the city, for China and for countries on the Belt and Road.

 A national research institution of integrative medicine

 China’s oldest and largest tertiary TCM hospital and national referral center

 The only traditional medicine hospital in the world that has been recognized by two multinational medical insurance companies

Today, GAMH is known for its continuous contribution to the whole medical system in China and has built a reputation for excellence in integrative medicine unsurpassed by any health care institution.

Guang An Men - a tale of two medicines, history of 60 years +

We have trained information specialists/health navigators standing by to answer your questions about TCM, provide you with help, new hope, support, guidance, and access to local resources including TCM hospitals/clinics and English-speaking doctors and nurses.

If you have a TCM-related question, please

call +86-10-88001800