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Speaking Traditional Chinese Medicine Communication: a glossary of formal and informal terms in COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment

Speaking Traditional Chinese Medicine Communication: a glossary of formal and informal terms in COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment


safety 安全性



three Chinese patent medicines and three Chinese herbal formulas三药三方


herd immunity群体免疫


plague 瘟疫

etiology  病因

epidemic 流行病

syndrome differentiation 辨证

climate 气候

characteristics 特征

constitution 体质

prescription 处方

dose 剂量

pharmacopoeia 药典

medical observation period医学观察期

Chinese patent medicine中成药



oral liquid口服液



clinical treatment period 临床治疗期

clinical observations 临床观察

confirmed cases确诊病例

scope of application适用范围

mild case轻度患者

moderate case中度患者

severe case重度患者

critically ill patient危重病人

The basic formula基本中药方

clinical manifestation临床表现



gastrointestinal discomfort消化道不适


generalized body aches全身酸痛

expectoration 咳痰


chest tightness 胸闷

labored breathing憋气

poor appetite食欲不振


vomiting 呕吐

sticky stool大便粘稠

enlarged tongue with tooth marks 舌胖大带齿痕

light red tongue 淡红舌

tongue coating is white苔白

tongue coating is thick and greasy苔厚腻

slippery pulse滑脉

low-grade fever 低烧

aversion to cold恶寒

heavy sensation in the head 头重

muscle soreness肌肉酸痛

dry cough with little sputum干咳少痰

sore throat喉咙痛


epigastric fullness上腹饱胀

absence of sweating无汗


loose stool便溏

yellow sputum痰黄

shortness of breath气短

abdominal distension腹胀


difficult defecation排便困难

tongue body is dark-red 暗红舌

tongue coating is yellow greasy苔黄腻

slippery and rapid pulse脉滑数

lassitude 懒言

stomach discomfort胃部不适

pale tongue 舌淡

red face脸红

sticky sputum痰粘稠

blood-stained sputum痰中带血

bitterness in the mouth口苦

loss of appetite食欲不振

high fever 高热





blurred vision 视力模糊



epistaxis 鼻出血

convulsion 抽搐

deep and thready pulse脉沉细



mechanical ventilation机械通气



cold extremities肢冷

dark and purple tongue舌黑紫


heart palpitation心悸

profuse sweating大量出汗

dry tongue with scanty fluid舌干少津

thready and forceless pulse脉细无力

integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine 中西医结合

traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) 传统中医

Chinese herbal medicine 中草药

dialectical treatment 辨证论治

mild type 轻型

cold dampness stagnating lungs 寒湿郁肺证

cold dampness stagnating in the lung 寒湿郁肺证

cold dampness and stagnation lung syndrome 寒湿郁肺证

cold-damp constraint in the lung pattern 寒湿郁肺证

damp-heat accumulated lung 湿热蕴肺证

damp-heat accumulating in the lung 湿热蕴肺证

dampness and heat-accumulation lung syndrome 湿热蕴肺证

damp-heat accumulation in the lung pattern 湿热蕴肺证

general type 普通型

moderate case 普通型

damp-poison stagnating lung 湿毒郁肺证

damp toxin stagnating in the lung 湿毒郁肺证

dampness and stagnation lung syndrome 湿毒郁肺证

damp-toxin constraint in the lung pattern 湿毒郁肺证

cold dampness obstructing lung 寒湿阻肺证

clod dampness lung syndrome 寒湿阻肺证

cold-damp obstructing the lung pattern 寒湿阻肺证

severe type 重型

lung blocked by epidemic toxin 疫毒闭肺证

plague poison and lung-closing syndrome 疫毒闭肺证

epidemic toxin blocking the lung pattern 疫毒闭肺证

flaring heat in qi and ying phases 气营两燔证

flaring heat in both qi and ying 气营两燔证

syndrome of flaring heat in qifen and yingfen 气营两燔证

blazing of both qi and ying pattern 气营两燔证

critical type 危重型

critical case 危重型

internal block and outward desertion 内闭外脱证

internal blocking causing external collapse 内闭外脱证

syndrome of inner blocking causing collapse 内闭外脱证

internal blockage and external desertion pattern 内闭外脱证

recovery period 恢复期

lung deficiency and spleen qi 肺脾气虚证

lung and spleen qi deficiency syndrome 肺脾气虚证

lung-spleen qi deficiency pattern 肺脾气虚证

qi deficiency of the lung and spleen 肺脾气虚证

deficiency of qi and yin 气阴两虚证

qi and yin deficiency syndrome气阴两虚证

deficiency of both qi and yin pattern 气阴两虚证

traditional Chinese medicine decoction 中药汤剂

traditional Chinese herbal pieces 中药饮片

Qingfei Paidu Decoction 清肺排毒汤

Lung-clearing and detoxification soup/decoction 清肺排毒汤

Lung-cleansing and detoxifying decoction 清肺排毒汤

Huashi Baidu Decoction 化湿败毒方

Dampness-resolving and toxin-dissolving soup/decoction 化湿败毒方

Q-14 化湿败毒方

Xuanfei Baidu Decoction 宣肺败毒方

Lung diffusing and detoxifying decoction 宣肺败毒方

classical prescription 经典名方

Maxing Shigan Decoction 麻杏石甘汤

Maxing Yigan Decoction 麻杏薏甘汤

Shegan Mahuang Decoction 射干麻黄汤

Daqinglong Decoction 大青龙汤

Tingli Dazao Xiefei Decoction 葶苈大枣泄肺汤

Xiaochaihu Decoction 小柴胡汤

Wuling San Decoction 五苓散

Yinqiao San Decoction 银翘散

Zhengqi San Decoction 正气散

Qianjin Weijing Decoction 千金苇茎汤

Dayuan Decoction 达原饮

Shanghan Zabing Lun 《伤寒杂病论》

Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases 《伤寒杂病论》

Treatise on Cold Damage and Miscellaneous Diseases 《伤寒杂病论》

Beiji Qianjin Yao Fang 《备急千金要方》

Essential Recipes for Emergent Use Worth A Thousand Gold 《备急千金要方》

Wenyi Lun 《温疫论》

On Plague Diseases 《温疫论》

Wenbing Tiaobian 《温病条辨》

Detailed Analysis of Epidemic Warm Diseases 《温病条辨》

Zhouhou Beiji Fang 《肘后备急方》

Prescriptions for Emergent Reference 《肘后备急方》

No infection is due to the fact that there is sufficient Zhengqi (vital qi or healthy qi) inside the body whereas Xie (evil) cannot invade the body. When pestilence has occurred, care should be taken to avoid Duqi (Toxic qi). 不相染者,正气存内,邪气可干,避其毒气

preventive treatment of disease 治未病

prevention before disease onset 未病先防

treat before sick 未病先防

prevention of disease progression 既病防变

treat before progression 既病防变

prevention of disease relapse 瘥后防复

treat before relapse 瘥后防复

Chinese patent medicine 中成药

Huoxiangzhengqi Capsules (pills, liquid, or oral liquid) 藿香正气胶囊(丸、水、口服液)

Agastache Qi-Correcting Capsules/Pills/Water/Oral Liquid 藿香正气胶囊(丸、水、口服液)

Jinhua Qinggan Granules 金花清感颗粒

Honeysuckle Flower Cold-Relieving Granules 金花清感颗粒

Lianhua Qingwen Capsules (granules) 连花清瘟胶囊(颗粒)

Forsythiae and Honeysuckle Flower Pestilence-Clearing Capsules/Granules 连花清瘟胶囊(颗粒)

Shufeng Jiedu Capsules (granules) 疏风解毒胶囊(颗粒)

Wind-Expelling and Toxin-Removing Capsules/Granules 疏风解毒胶囊(颗粒)

Suhexiang Pills 苏合香丸

Storax Pill 苏合香丸

Angong Niuhuang Pills 安宫牛黄丸

Peaceful Palace Bovine Bezoar Pill 安宫牛黄丸

traditional Chinese medicine injection 中药注射剂

Xiyanping injection 喜炎平注射液

Xuebijing injection 血必净注射液

Reduning injection 热毒宁注射液

Tanreqing injection 痰热清注射液

Xingnaojing injection 醒脑静注射液

Shenfu injection 参附注射液

Shengmai injection 生脉注射液

Shenmai injection 参麦注射液

acupressure 穴位按摩

auricular-plaster therapy 耳穴贴压

acupoint application 穴位贴敷

scraping therapy 刮痧

acupuncture 针刺

cupping therapy 拔罐

hot herbal compress 中药热熨敷

moxibustion 艾灸

moxa-wool moxibustion 艾灸

baduanjin 八段锦

eight-sectioned exercise 八段锦

taijiquan 太极拳

liuzijue 六字诀

six sounds breathing exercise 六字诀

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