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What China's Leaders Say About Traditional Chinese Medicine

In June 1954, late Chairman Mao Zedong made an important instruction for the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): “Immediately setting up TCM research institution, recruiting best TCM doctors to conduct research, designating talented doctors of Western Medicine to learn TCM, and jointly performing the research work.”

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On Oct. 11th,1958, late Chairman Mao Zedong instructed,“Traditional Chinese Medicine and pharmacology are a great treasure-house, which should be explored and improved upon.”
      On December 19th, 1955, led by the Ministry of Health under the State Council, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ministry of Health P. R. China, was formally established on Beixiange Street, Guang’anmennei Avenue.
Late Premier Zhou Enlai wrote an inscription for the academy: “Developing the rich heritage of TCM and serving the socialist construction.”

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On Dec. 18th, 2015, Chairman Xi Jinping wrote a letter of congratulations on the 60th anniversary of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and pointed out, “Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the treasure of ancient Chinese science and the key to the treasure house of Chinese civilization. At present, TCM is facing a golden opportunity with right timing, surroundings and human relations for its revitalization and development. I hope all TCM professionals will enhance the national self-confidence of TCM, climb the medical peak bravely, explore the essence deeply into TCM treasure house, make full play to the unique advantages of TCM, promote the modernization of TCM, boost TCM to the world, and thoroughly inherit, develop, and utilize the precious wealth left by our ancestors, composing a new chapter in the construction of healthy China and on the way to realize China's great dream.”

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